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Tam Photography

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Tam Lan Truong


Fully-equipped studio in Boucherville, QC. Available on-location on request.


available internationally.

Frequently Asked Questions


+ What is your process?

1) We book the shoot.

2) On the day of the shoot, you bring your clothes, and all the hair/makeup stuff you usually use. We'll talk a bit about what you want, what you're looking for, get to know each other. Then we'll start shooting for the next 2-3 hours.

3) I send you a pre-selection of images after the shoot, filtering all the ones that are not in focus, have an unflattering expression etc.

4) You let me know about your favorites. If you see more than included in your package, I can retouch them at an additional fee, that is no problem.

5) You receive the images within 10-15 days.

+ What are your rates?

You can see my packages here:

+ Do you offer student rates?

I give everyone who comes to me the same service; the same care, the same attention, the same time. Following this principle, the fee remains the same for everyone.

+ What should I expect from the session?

We will try different things. Different clothes. Different moods. Some shots will be amazing. Some will make us laugh. I like us to take our time - rushing things will show in the photos. When I see that we have enough good ones, we'll wrap it up. You'll have the preselections by the next day to choose from.

+ What should I wear?

That dress/blouse/shirt that you feel awesome in. Seriously. I've seen people in a glittering coat and own it. For your headshot, I'd strongly recommend something that covers your arms. Strongly. If you're feeling unsure, something simple & unicolor will always work.

+ Do I need a makeup-artist?

You probably don't need one, though I've seen them do amazing work. Feel free to bring! However, for headshots/promo photos, you probably don't really need one - the way you look naturally is probably the way you'll walk into an audition.. Just bring your hair/makeup stuff!

+ Where is your studio located?

I have a fully-equipped studio in the quaint suburb of Boucherville on the South Shore.

By metro & bus: Take the yellow line to Terminus Longueuil-Université-de-Sherbrooke. Take the 83 (30mins), or the 84 (20 mins) bus to the address I'll provide you with. The bus stops right in front of the studio.

By car: use Google Maps/Waze/Apple Maps. Takes about 25 mins from downtown.

+ How much retouching do you do?

My philosophy is to portray real beauty. I generally stay away from retouching all those lines in your face that tell the story of who you are. However, I don't believe pimples, blackheads or the likes are necessary for your story, so I remove these. Other than that, I will work on lighting and colors to make it all fit the mood. Of course, if you have any special requests (add more hair, thin the face...), I'm happy to accomodate. It's your portrait after all, you need to feel comfortable showing it to the world :)


+ How do you work?

Just let me know when and where you'll need me. If there is a list of "must-have" shots you'd like me to capture, please feel free to share. I will be there around 15-30mins in advance to check out the venue. About 7 days after the event, you will receive an online link to the photos.

+ We need you to be invisible. Can you do that?

Absolutely. My equipment is 100% silent with no shutter noise. On top of that, five years of experience in classical music concerts and competitions have honed my skills of moving about unobtrusively.

+ How do you take payment?

Either through Cheque, Interac E-Transfer or cash. For multi-day events, there may be a deposit required to reserve the dates on my calendar.

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