Maria Dueñas, Violinist

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Who did I shoot?

Maria Dueñas, at the time of writing a fiery 16-year old violinist, named a Rising Star by the” world’s leading classical music resource” The Violin Channel.

Why did we shoot?

Maria Dueñas at the CMIM 2019 Quarterfinals

Maria Dueñas at the CMIM 2019 Quarterfinals

When this girl stepped out onto the Concours Musical International de Montréal 2019 stage at Salle Bourgie, I knew I wanted to take her portrait. She was on fire that evening. So I approached her, and she happily was on board.

Where did we shoot?

Originally, we had planned on making the most of blossom season in Montreal, but they had all withered and died by the time we both finished with the Concours Musical International de Montréal 2019. So instead we went for the old classic: the Old Port of Montreal.

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Useful to know

  • A third person can come in incredibly handy during a shoot.

    • unless the sky is cloudy, they can diffuse/redirect light

    • There is always something to carry, like outfits and violin cases

  • When we create an image with movement, don’t hold back. Move, and go all out! 8 out of 10 shots will look strange. But we’re going for the stunning 2 out of 10.

Fun Fact:

  • Maria’s mom was really all-in that morning, holding the reflector, guarding the violin case, styling Maria’s hair, giving ideas, chasing people away who were in my frame etc. .

    • Her name is also Maria Dueñas. It became confusing at times.

Some behind-the-scenes shenanigans

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