Noémie Raymond-Friset, Cellist

Noémie Raymond-Friset (Summer)-4.jpg

Who did I shoot?

Noémie Raymond-Friset, a cellist who has been featured in CBC’s annual list 30 Hot Classical Musicians Under 30 and has won multiple prizes & awards, including the first prize at the Grand Prize Virtuoso of England. This was our third session together, albeit the first one done outdoors.

Where did we shoot?

At Habitat 67, Montréal, as well as the adjacent park.

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Noémie Raymond-Friset (Summer)-4.jpg
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Useful to know

  • You don’t need a lot of makeup to look great in portraits. In fact, keep it natural, clean. Same goes for your hair, no need to curl it the day before necessarily.

  • See the shoot as a hang out. With one of your buddies. That has a knack for taking really good photos. See, the way you exist in every day life is how you are. And here and there in your every-day life, there are moments where you look amazing. What a good photographer does is put you back to your “everyday-life-mode”, and snatch these moments that are beautiful.

Fun Facts

  • We got about 45 mins at Habitat 67 before we got kicked out by security.

  • The harsh afternoon sun made everything unshootable (at least with the equipment we had). So we just wandered around, talking, checking out locations, until golden hour came around.

Some Behind-the-Scenes shenanigans:


Noémie’s review of the photo-session

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