Bomi & Hani Song, Violinists

Bomi & Hani Song - Tam Photography-2 copy.jpg

Who did I shoot?

Bomi & Hani Song, two impressive violinists from Zurich, Switzerland, currently based in Munich, Germany. They’re also sisters (in case it wasn’t obvious).

Where did we shoot?

Close to Munich Central Station, we found this incredible passage. Perfect for photos, thanks to the geometric shapes and lines.

Bomi Song - Tam Photography-5.jpg
Bomi Song - Tam Photography-6.jpg
Bomi Song - Tam Photography-2.jpg
Hani Song - Tam Photography-1.jpg
Hani Song - Tam Photography-4.jpg
Bomi & Hani Song - Tam Photography-2 copy.jpg
Bomi & Hani Song - Tam Photography-1.jpg
Bomi & Hani Song - Tam Photography-3.jpg

Useful to know

  • Color contrast makes for cool photos. The girls brought red tops with them that were perfect for this monochromatic location.

  • If you’re willing to wake up early, you avoid the busy crowds and get the beautiful light.

  • If you like making inappropriate jokes, no need to hold back.

Fun Fact:

  • They only had one pair of shoes with high heels between the two of them, so we had to switch depending on who we were shooting.

Some behind-the-scenes shenanigans

Bomi & Hani-1.jpg
Bomi & Hani-4.jpg

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