Raphael Bernier, Co-founder of Bac-a-Bac

Raph Bernier (New)-1-2.jpg

Who did I shoot?

Raphael is a dynamic young entrepreneur on Montréal’s south shore, coaching people in public speaking and running a company that cleans recycling bins. Find out more about this company at bacabac.com.

Where did we shoot?

In his hometown of Beloeil, Quebec.

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Raph Bernier (New)-1-2.jpg

Useful to know

  • Trust your photographer. Period. When you show up, let go of any notions of good sides, bad sides etc. . Your photographer (should) see most of these things. Raphael was the epitome of trust, and went full energy into every direction I gave him.

Fun Fact

  • The dock we shot at was full of trash. The power of framing :)

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