Hala Chergui, Mezzo-Soprano & Lifestyle Blogger

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Who did I shoot?

Hala is a Mezzo Soprano, who recently started her own lifestyle blog dedicated to exploring what it means to be an Opera singer today. You can check out her blog on www.classicalinsider.com !

Where did we shoot?

Hala’s vision of the shoot was a high-class look, monochromatic, marble… and the perfect spot for that kind of feel is the Old Port of Montreal.

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Useful to know

  • If you have an approximate idea of what you want the final photos to look/feel like, definitely let the photographer know. It will affect clothing choices, shooting location, and lighting.

  • Hala’s best friend Sandrine was along for the shoot, and SO useful! If you like, you should bring one as well. It helps with keeping things light on set, carrying things, holding a reflector etc. !

Fun Fact

  • Hala’s posing on the stairs of Marche Bonsecours, in her elegant white dress. Some dude walks by, claps his hands, looks at Hala and exclaims “You’re so beautiful miss! Will you marry me?”

Some Behind-the-Scenes shenanigans

[insert vlog video]

Until next time,