Justin Magnan, Manulife RPS Administration Support Intern

Justin Magnan - Tam Photography-1.jpg

Who did I shoot?

Justin used to study with me at Desautels Faculty of Management of McGill University back in the day.

Why did we shoot?

He was actually one of my first clients ever, in 2015. But his face had grown more manly in the meantime, so he wanted to make sure everyone online caught wind of his change.

Where did we shoot?

In the Tam Photography studio in Boucherville.

Justin Magnan - Tam Photography-1.jpg
Justin Magnan - Tam Photography-2.jpg

Useful to know

  • If you usually wear glasses, think about whether you want them in your portrait. For the photographer, it makes a big difference in lighting choice. With the years, I’ve learned some specialized lighting setups to virtually eliminate glare, but it helps if you let me know in advance.

Fun Fact:

We both connected at an introductory Yoga class in our first year at McGill. Mostly over the fact that we were the only males present in the room.

Until next time,