Catherine & Nicolas, Engagement Shoot in the Botanical Garden Montréal

Catherine & Nicolas - Tam Photography-22.jpg

Who did I shoot?

Francis Choinière at the Tam Photography Studio, 2018

Francis Choinière at the Tam Photography Studio, 2018

Catherine, the bride-to-be, is the sister of a remarkable young conductor/singer/businessman named Francis Choinière, who moves in the same musical circle as I do. He even passed by my studio for a headshot once, with his business partners from GFN Productions (

Why did we shoot?

Catherine had just gotten engaged to Nicolas, and the two of them decided to trust me with taking their engagement photos. If they turned out ok, and I was ok, they’d hire me for the wedding.

Where did we shoot?

Nicolas is an employee at the Montréal Botanical Gardens, and guess what - he got us in before the garden officially opened to visitors! What did that mean? NOBODY AROUND! BEST LIGHT! FREE CADDY SERVICE!

Catherine & Nicolas - Tam Photography-4.jpg
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Catherine & Nicolas - Tam Photography-22.jpg

Useful to know

  • Even if you want a casual engagement shoot, your clothes need to be on point for the shoot itself. If you’re unsure what to wear, just let your photographer know, and they should be able to help. In my case, working with fashion stylists on fashion shoots has taught me the most about what clothes work in photos, so don’t hesitate to let me know if you’re unsure!

Fun Fact:

  • I’ll be their wedding photographer in June 2020 when they get married!

Until next time,