Vooguish Fashion Accessories, Fashion Shoot

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Who did I shoot?

Vooguish is a Montréal-based fashion accessory brand, that provides colorful backpacks and lunch bags made in Canada. You can see their stock here: vooguish.com

Where did we shoot?

We rented fellow photographer Alexandre Paskanoi’s studio in St-Henri for the day to accomodate a 8-person team and all the props needed.

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Useful to know

A good makeup artist and stylist trump any sort of photoshop skills. If you already spend big bucks on your photographer, don’t skimp on these two professionals. A talented trio can make you look like a multi-million dollar brand in just one day.

Fun Fact

Our team that day was so crazy talented, but also just plain crazy. I still hear the Backstreet Boys in my head, and see our MUA and stylist lip-syncing the tracks during the shoot. Also, star of the day was decidedly our dog, Mushu. He has an Instagram, go follow him! @mushu.chahine

Some Behind-the-Scenes shenanigans (shot by Katerina Orfanos & me)


I love my job.