Rachel Guertin-Lambertson, Soprano AUDITION TAPE

Rachel Guertin - Lambertson singing "Die Nacht" by Strauss

This week, something a bit different.

Rachel, whom I’ve worked with a few times now for headshots and ballerina shoots, was applying for major bursaries that can propel a young opera singer’s career all the way to Europe stardom.

She needed an audition tape done. I always like to try new things, so I agreed to work with her on this project. And man it’s fun.

So different than photography.

I’m looking to do more video projects in the coming months. This one had to be fairly static, since it’s an audition tape and the selecting jury needs to see the goods. Like when you go take your passport photo. It was a great start.

And her voice is beautiful.

Useful to know

  • Bring powder! It’s much much harder to photoshop shiny foreheads in a video. Good thing we thought of that before we started shooting.

  • It’s a marathon. Sleep well the night before. Consider that you have to run every song three times, at maximum intensity. Rachel was braindead by the time we finished the last take of the third song.

  • If the videographer is not a sound guy, hire a sound guy. Or sound girl. They do magic. You need them. Hire one.

Fun fact

  • Rachel is the girl on one of my favorite photos that I’ve done ever. This one.

Rachel (Ballet)-1.jpg

Sarah Shin, Tam Photography, Olivier Godin, Rachel Guertin


Rachel Guertin - Lambertson, Soprano || https://www.facebook.com/rachelrglartiste/

Sarah Shin - Sound || https://sarahshin.studio

Olivier Godin - Piano || http://www.boulevart.ca/en/artistes/olivier-godin-piano/

Tam Lan Truong - Video || You’re on it.

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